HBC afholder flere turneringer i løbet af året.

Herunder finder du invitationer og programmer til de forskellige turneringer i Hvidovre Badminton Club.

Danish Junior Cup 26-28th of August 2022

The seeding and the draw have been done according to the BEC European U17 Ranking from 08/08/2022


As announced on 27/07, the tournament will be played over 3 days. The provisional schedule was therefore changed:

– 26/08: R64 MS & WS + R32 MS, WS & XD + R16 XD (starting at 11h)

– 27/08: R32 MD & WD + R16 MS, WS, MD & WD + all QF (starting at 10h)

– 28/08: all SF + all finals (starting at 10h)


The team managers meeting will take place at 9h30 on 26/08 in the venue’s cafeteria.

Invitation (original invitation)

HBC’s U15 A og B turnering - 16. April 2022